the sound-rock from va.
(download demo+click picture)
DJ- vocals, guitar // Blake- guitar // Adam- bass // Will- drums // Olivia- violin
Good shows, good people, and good times. The Sound formed in 2002, played a bunch of shows, and sadly ended later that same year. The demo was started, but was never finished, and only a handful of people have a copy, so I thought it would be fun to revisit the beginning.

i wanted to take more time to introduce another side to Dj aside from Robosaur.
linking up his lynchburg,va garage rock band(s) Long Haired Bear/Owlmice
it’s all over the place for a very creative 3 piece who have nothing better to do in the woods but write jams all messed up on moonshine.
they are weird as fuck dudes,but i love them
[ p e t m i l k ]
1.(long haired bear)mary bell’s farewell
2.(owlmice)virginia gentlemen