” Yung Fresh aka Lil Lyn drops in with “Perfect Timing” – VIRGINIA, USA – Around this time last year, Yung Fresh was preparing the release of his debut EP, “PERFECT TIMING”. A year later almost to the day, he has taken things up notches above the rest. As a fast learner he has proven that he’s also a fast achiever, creating a large fanbase for himself that spans the entire globe, from VIRGINIA to EUROPE. Yung Fresh aka LilLyn, didn’t have to knock doors down to get in the game, they opened for him. His undeniable gift to spit brought him endless success and notability. “In my short time in the rap game I did the unthinkable. I dont think anybody in this world can do what I do. I’m a fast learner and I just get better every single day. I definitely grew. When I first started rapping I was just a kid. 5 or 6 years old, didn’t know the ropes, I didn’t do anything but just rap. I grew. I been studying n-ggas, I’m in the industry now. I’m looking at things differently. I’m vibing, traveling.” Yung Fresh has also been working with platinum producers and major factors in the music industry. With songs on MEECH WELLS tracks, as well as collaborations with Mega Producers AAA MUSIC GROUP, Yung Fresh definitely has the right ammo to bring the world even more hits. One of the latest milestones was his track, “STOMP EM” ft. Bonecrusher prod by J RED, in which Yung Fresh kept listeners reppin the Anthem to the fullest. That track has been in constant rotation on 7 different radio stations and is featured on YOUNG BUCK’S DJ Don Juan “Gotta Get It Vol.3” and MEECH WELLS Presents: NWWO Vol.3 With his cocky demeanor and confident way of carrying himself, some have criticized and questioned if he was a bit too arrogant or into himself. As someone who stays true to his roots and remembers his humble beginnings, Yung Fresh states that it’s only an essential quality to feel that way in order to be a leader. “I feel like i’m bringing to the game what my competitors just can’t do” ” I make hits without selling out, I keep it Gangsta, it’s that simple.” ..From this point on the only way from here is to the top, and Yung Fresh confidently states that he is ready to face the pressure, ready to lead the new generation as a young leader of the pack. It is alot of pressure to put on somebody, especially someone as young as me. I’m ready to help carry this man, I got a gift. I ain’t got no choice but to use it. I’m gonna take this to the highest level and put on a show. I’m gonna put on a show for the world. You will see why I am the next coming.”