“Food plays muddy rock, with misanthropic themes, appealing to fans of the punky grunge that first came from the Pacific Northwest and the hardcore dirges that followed. Instead of crawling into the bong and relying on sludge-rock parlor tricks, Food cranks up the speed and excitement, and injects their music with a positive element, celebrating the beauty of nature. This is granite rock, not stoner rock. These lyrical themes – the inferiority of human angst as compared to the might and splendor of the natural world – mirror the lives of these musicians who call Richmond, Virginia home base. Like Haley’s Comet, or a rotation of the earth, Food is only in full view once in a long while. Guitarist and principle songwriter Johnny Fink spends his summers as a Park Ranger in the western national parks, while drummer Jeff Grant roves between Virginia and Indiana, playing guitar and singing in a pop-punk band. Only taking breaks to coax the lowest end possible from his bass, Ryan McLennan typically retreats into his Richmond art studio, creating Audubon-inspired paintings. Imagine a tree root making its way through a full stack. A cymbal’s crash echoing across a canyon while the sound of a drop-tuned guitar mirrors the call of a wild bird. That is Food, as enjoyed in rare captivity for five songs on this self-titled forty-minute album.” (review by CT Terry).

Check em’ out here: Food.
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“Hailing from Richmond, VA, the axe grindin’ Rock ‘n’ Roll outlaw’s second release. If you like your music hard and pure with just a scent of Good Old Down Home Fried Chicken, this would be, as they say, the shit for you…”

River City Revival


Urisk, a multi-genre spanning instrumental power trio from Lynchburg, Virginia can be described with one word, huge. Their sound which is mostly derived from doom and stoner rock, but with numerous time changes and math parts, takes on a much more progressive edge than most other bands within the genre. Broadening their sound even further, Urisk utilizes droning and ambient soundscapes to create immense walls of sound. Influences of artists such as Earth, The Melvins and Confessor are evident in their music, but they still manage to maintain a fresh and unique sound. Urisk has started to gain a local following that continues to grow with every show, and with a new demo EP out and a full length due out this springthey look to expand their fan base on a much larger scale and work their way up through the underground metal world. (From their Myspace @ (http://www.myspace.com/urisk ).

Urisk – Demo EP: http://miniurl.ws/?r=cgg