1 part rage/1 part mars volta

5 fucking great songs.





Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/140405991/GoodNoisyCore_UnitedNations-SelfTitled.rar

United Nations is a fairly recent band featuring Geoff Rickley from Thursday and Darly Palumbo from Glassjaw (in addition to a few other dudes in bigger hardcore/post-hardcore bands). It is basically a side-project that was created to incorporate a mix of screamo and grindcore stemming from musical influences during their youth. Since they have released this LP they have gotten a lot of shit, especially for their band name and logo which resulted in the elimination of their myspace and facebook pages.

They play on recording and releasing more music in the feature.
For now, you can check updates at their website: http://www.unitedfuckingnations.com