Band: Alkaline Trio
Album: This Addiction
Release Date: Febr 23, 2010
Genre: Punk Rock
Country: Chicago, Estados Unidos
Label: Epitaph Records
Format: Mp3, VBR
Size: 46.78Mb
Official Website Alkaline Trio: Here!
My Space Alkaline Trio: Here!

01. This Addiction
02. Dine, Dine My Darling
03. Lead Poisoning
04. Dead On The Floor
05. The American Scream
06. Off The Map
07. Draculina
08. Eating Me Alive
09. Piss And Vinegar
10. Dorothy
11. Fine



new 2010 demo

.familiar vbhc band.

stomping  an asshole into your face real soon

*notable track

#4.when it counts

(mosh or get moshed)

1 part rage/1 part mars volta

5 fucking great songs.




United Nations is a fairly recent band featuring Geoff Rickley from Thursday and Darly Palumbo from Glassjaw (in addition to a few other dudes in bigger hardcore/post-hardcore bands). It is basically a side-project that was created to incorporate a mix of screamo and grindcore stemming from musical influences during their youth. Since they have released this LP they have gotten a lot of shit, especially for their band name and logo which resulted in the elimination of their myspace and facebook pages.

They play on recording and releasing more music in the feature.
For now, you can check updates at their website:


1. Rhymin’ & Stealin’
2. The New Style
3. She’s Crafty
4. I’m Down (Beatles Cover)
5. Posse In Effect
6. Fight For Your Right
7. No Sleep Till Brooklyn
8. Paul Revere
9. Brass Monkey
10. Hold It Now, Hit It
11. Girls
12. Slow and Low
13. Time To Get Ill
14. Fight For Your Right #2
15. The Scenario

*Note: this is 100% Legit! The songs on here are the studio demos from Licensed to Ill. This cd is known as “Original Ill” to some and “Licensed to Ill Def Jam Master Demos”. Notice the absence of “Slow Ride” but the addition of “The Scenario” “I’m Down” and a second version of “Fight For Your Right”.

“Beastie Boys – Original Ill” Rapidshare

Another NJ band.

Pretty edge, but none the less pretty darn good.

Listen here.

Music Downloads

FROM Rochester/Syracuse/Oswego, New York
“Demo” EP
It’s funny how some things sound better after a period of time. I mean I couldn’t stand the direction a lot of straightedge hardcore bands were going in the early ’90s when they stared getting a bit more tuneful and a little slower. Remember the TURNING POINT LP or the BOLD EP? Well, that sound comes through on this release, and maybe it’s because I’m getting sick of all the generic hardcore or something, but this sounds really refreshing right now and it’s just what the doctor ordered. All four tracks on this EP are jam packed with excellent guitar riffs and heartfelt words of passion. The standout track here is “Sector IV,” which deals with how we lose our humanity by ignoring the displaced and the poor. The rest of the songs fall into the realm of personal, but they hit just right with honesty and emotion.
The same goes for “Tinctures Are 90% Alcohol,” “People I Live With” and “Down in Denver.” They’re all part of the story of Canino’s move out west. Losing friends, wandering cities and quoting Bruce Springsteen (“It’s hard to be a saint in the city”) are spread throughout the seven-inch, which would be depressing were it not for the sweet, succulent instrumentation. Where “People I Live With” gets somber, “Down in Denver” rocks hard and fast to balance out its images of urban decay.

Originally released in 2007 in a limited run of 500 copies, this debut 7″ from Shorebirds features four tracks of melodic, mid-tempo punk with members of the band including Matt Canino of Latterman and Chris Bauermeister of Jawbreaker.
1. D.O.A.
2. Tinctures Are 90% Alcohol
3. People I Live With
4. Down In Denver

not really into this band at all except for this 7 incher.
the best 2 songs this band has ever written in my opinion.
this band hates girls as much as i do…..

A – Diver.
B – They Like Their Turtlenecks Ribbed.



The 65 Film Show
were one of the first Indie/Emo/Post Punk (whatever the hell you want to call it!) bands from Virginia Beach to actually release a record and go tour. Taking huge influences from bands like Jawbreaker, Seaweed, Samiam, and The Misfits, the boys came up with a sound that you couldn’t resist. After breaking up a few years back members went on the play in Johnny Utah and The Sugar Report.


Marathon have managed to preserve their unique form of energy into the recording quality of this disc in fine fashion (and a huge step up from their debut EP). Tracked at Nada Recording Studio in New Windsor, NY, this album is convincingly loud and aggressive, in a brash, but professional sort of way. This may be a case of “reviewer’s hindsight” more than anything else, but the recording style genuinely reflects the attitude of the band’s music, rather than the usual case of a recording sounding “big” for the sake of sounding big.
The Bush administration, which could very well be turning the page on its final chapter this coming fall, has not only brought out resounding bouts of anger in countless people, but some damn fine music – passionately aggressive, surprisingly melodic punk rock for the most part.

Rochester’s Marathon plays a style not very far from the aforementioned. The band, on Red Leader Records (the former home of a little band you may have heard of named Strike Anywhere), recalls the semi-spastic tendencies of early Propagandhi, but much more varied in sound. The quirky vocals, which resemble Guttermouth’s Mark Adkins in his earlier days, still take on an original value of their own. They take some adjusting to, but fit the music well after several listens. Although, to be fair, Adkins was basically ripping off John K. Samson’s snotty technique for several years as it is.


MARATHON is now defunct,but the rest of the members are not these days.
Aaron plays in ATTICA ATTICA!
Nat-mo & Emmet are in POLAR BEAR CLUB
Licky & Brian-not sure
DE-LA-HOYA discog. in the works @ RED LEADER RECORDS

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