Louisville Punk with a love for off beat time signatures and alternate tunings.


Mountain Asleep – Hello, Anxious

1. Curses, Curses
2. Welcome The Problems
3. Life Is a Skyscraper
4. Hello, Anxious
5. Breathing Lessons
6. Unspoken Words
7. Tom Hanks
8. A Visit From Three Ghosts
9. Don’t Tell Bad Jokes
10. Everyday Is Saturday
11. Another Metaphore For The Human Heart
12. Sidewalks
13. Getting The Death Out

Ben Sears plays drums in this band and is also an awesome kid i stayed with on tour. He also makes killer designs for bands and other stuff. check him out!
From Spain, comes the band; Adrift. They play real intense music in the vein of Neurosis, Isis, and Sunn O))). Although they do have hints of Tool, Kyuss, and Helmet too. A real promising band in a very jammed box of post-rock bands.


Adrift – Troya